Why Smart Audit?

Everything you need to improve the quality and speed of audit assignments
Paperless Audit Files

Create paperless electronic audit files on our secure cloud using our existing ISA Compliance Risk based Audit Program Templates or Get your own Customised Audit Programs built as Templates.

Working Trial Balance

Upload Client trial balance using our excel template or use Quickbooks plugin. System will use its powerful Auto Mapping to save classification time and generate financial statements and Lead schedules in one click.

Access Controls & Data Security

Give client Workfile access only to team members who need to work on that file. Peer reviewers can also be created and given “Read Only” access.

Adjustment Journal Entries

Post all adjustment journals using our Journal Entries module and the entire Workfile, Trial Balance, Lead Schedules and Financial Statements are updated. Memorandum entries can also be passed by unchecking the Adjusted button.

Real Time Work Visibility and Status Updates

Know the progress of each assignment on a live real time basis. Perform reviews on an ongoing basis from any part of the world.

Review Points Management

Keep track of all outstanding issues raised during the audit by using Review points Module. Partners, Managers and Staff can create, assign and manage review points while performing and reviewing audit work.

Substantive Tests

More than 60 prebuilt substantive test formats to ensure that your team members do not get lost in excel templates.

Field Work Guidance

For each of the substantive tests, field work checklists are provided to guide your audit team members step by step.

File Cloning & Roll Forward

Save time by rolling forward last year notes, permanent file, prior year adjusted figures or clone from another client in a similar industry.

Report Writing

Use our financial statement report drafting templates to quickly prepare compilations or financial statements. Disclosure notes can be prepared while doing the audits to save time and speed up audit finalisation.

Other Features

Powerpacked with special features for making auditing a breeze
Client CRM
Time Sheets
Plan & Schedule
Task Management
Digital Signature
Client Billing
Client CRM

Keep client master data, important documents, communications, etc. organised

Time Sheets

Track your team’s time cost on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Both system recorded and manual time entries are available.

Planning & Scheduling

A Gantt chart styled planner to book your team members for client assignments months and weeks in advance.

Task Managment

Create tasks and reminders for each client and never miss a client deadline ever again.

Digital Signature

Integrated e-signing module allows you to get client letters and representations digitally signed. Saves time and follows ups.

Client Billing

We have custom payment processing platforms to accept partial, recurring, automatic, one-time, and over payments via Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover,etc.., credit cards deposit on behalf of payer.

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Our team members will walk you through the creation of a paperless workfile using our existing audit program templates.
What you get?
  • Create new e-Workfile , add your team members and collaborate in real time on audit assignments
  • Upload trial balance and create lead schedules in one click
  • Calculate Materiality and perform risk assessments
  • Draft compilations and client letters